Daniel believes that it is very important that the student understands the business and how to implement a marketing plan in addition to developing their talent. In this way the student will be primed for success. It is important that each person feels empowered to reach for their own success.

  • Private Coaching
  • Studio Time in Professional Recording Studio with Recording Engineer Included
  • In Studio Direction
  • One Professionally Engineered Master VO Demo CD included
  • On-going meetings with agents available
The Personal Coaching Package

This option enables the student to go through the Program at a flexible pace and to benefit from a personalized coaching environment. The classes are private, so the schedule is very flexible, and you can move at your own pace. You also have the extra security of knowing that Daniel or his coach will work with you however long you need to make sure you are absolutely ready to go into that recording studio to make a fantastic CD.
Of course, Daniel or his coach will take the time to work with you to tailor your demo material, so that it suits your unique talents and style. Your demo needs to reflect you at your best, and display the range you are capable of as well.

    This Program Also Covers:

  • Developing a Clear and Resonant Speaking Voice
  • Analyzing and Understanding Scripts
  • Acting Techniques for Voice Overs
  • Understanding Your Niche
  • Tips and Tricks for Winning Auditions
  • Business of the Business