The New York Voice-Over Success Program is regarded by many in the profession as one of the best and most comprehensive voice-over coaching programs on the East Coast.

  • Private Coaching
  • Studio Time in Professional Recording Studio with Recording Engineer Included
  • In Studio Direction
  • One Professionally Engineered Master VO Demo CD included
  • On-going meetings with agents available
Daniel Japlin, a former actor (movies, stage, voice-overs) in Europe, came to New York 30 years ago to explore the New York creative market. He has also been a producer, creator, and host of a radio talk show coast to coast during 1995-1996.

Daniel Japlin, the founder of The NY Voice Over Success Program, has had more than 19 years of voice over success as a coach, mentor, and manager in New York City.

After 14 years as a professional coach, mentor, and manager in New York City, Daniel has opened the Chicago office, where he continues showing students winning techniques and strategies for voice-over success.

    This Program Also Covers:

  • Developing a Clear and Resonant Speaking Voice
  • Analyzing and Understanding Scripts
  • Acting Techniques for Voice Overs
  • Understanding Your Niche
  • Tips and Tricks for Winning Auditions
  • Knowing the Business
Daniel believes that possessing the right knowledge and networking with people in the industry, which is what The New York Voice Over Success Program provides, combined with self -empowerment (building confidence, setting your mind for success) will help you to achieve success in the wonderful world of voice-overs.